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Particle scattering in LQG

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    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0502/0502036.pdf [Broken]
    Particle scattering in loop quantum gravity
    Leonardo Modesto and Carlo Rovelli
    Centre de Physique Th´eorique de Luminy, Universit´e de la M´editerran´ee, F-13288 Marseille, EU
    (February 9, 2005)
    We devise a technique for defining and computing n-point functions in the context of a background-
    independent gravitational quantum field theory. We construct a tentative implementation of this technique in a perturbatively-finite loop/spinfoam model.
    Came across this by accident, its way over my head, but i guess if you
    have not already read it imay be of interest.
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    I am glad you spotted this. I hadnt noted it so I just now added it to the collection of LQG links. the abstract page is
    http://arxiv.org/gr-qc/0502036 [Broken]

    it is always good to keep track of what Rovelli is doing, he tends to go at the heart of problems, so even if he has not yet gotten conclusive results a short paper like this can show us what he thinks is a hard place or a "sticking place" that needs concerted effort

    Modesto is a postdoc who I think was doing string theory until a couple of years ago and then moved from Torino to Marseille and took up doing quantum gravity. He wrote something about eliminating the black hole singularity last year.
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