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Particle size calculation

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    Hello everybody!

    I have a question: how can I calculate the particle size?

    It is common technique which called Scherrer equation used by XRD, it is also used TEM and SEM images, but I want be sure with my calculations and not to trust only to mentioned techniques.

    Thank you for your answers.

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    particle size

    Dear Rasputin,

    From XRD u will get crystallite size , and from SEM particle size. Bothe are two different entities.

    About sherrer formula, it is basic and fundamental. U can refer
    AZAROFF & BUERGER, The Powder Method in X-ray Crystallography.

    If this won't solve ur problem we will discuss.
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    Last time i checked the SEM resolution does not allow you to scale down up to the atomic scale. To do that, you need TEM. Also, keep in mind that individual atoms are not depicted directly. this violates the HUP ! What we observe using the above mentioned techniques, is the consequence (ie emitted radiation etc) of the interactions between apparatus and specimen ! One does not just "take a picture of an atom". We only observe atomic scale phenomena indirectly !

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    Hi buddies I am new to this forum
    I came to the forum serching for crystallite size determination form XRD Patterns
    I am new to reserch and do not posses any special knowledge on PXRD right now i am working on Zeolites and the only tool is PXRD i am eager to learn about it and want every information which can be obtained form it ie crystallite size, stacking faults, etc.
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