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Particle swarm optimization

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    I'm a final year student. My final project is about power system state estimation by using particle swarm optimization (PSO). I need to create a software based on PSO. Can somebody give me some brief idea on how to start the coding and guide me about the PSO thing.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Since it is your project, can you start by telling us what you know about the subjects? What kind of power systems are involved? Why use PSO over other candidate methods?
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    Although "Particle Swarm Optimization" is the best title I have seen here for a while.....It was new to me - as a greenhorn on the topic but gotta love Wikipedia & Google, it did confirm some of what I pictured it was. I would look at Finite Point Analysis as a pure "starting point" since this computational modeling concept is so widespread. Traditionally in FPA the relationship ( interaction) from one point to another is fixed ( ignoring breakdowns) - from this framework, from here I would think to establish a Variable Matrix (vs the fixed above) to define the interactions. Also - from the outset - ALL particles - probably need a connection to all of the other particles ( yikes that's complex). It would also seem that the interaction / reaction matrix would be exceptionally high order .

    The more I am thinking about this - as well as the typical PSO model relation I am reading up on regarding to AI or "truly" intelligent beings - it does seem a very complex approach to Power Systems....the better model may be a hybrid of FPA and pure PSO - - I work in power and was in robotics ( but not directly AI) for a good while - the pure PSO models seem too likely to resolve to oscillations in the system and be "happy" there - which would be a disaster in POWER situation.

    Is this really a Senior ( Bachelors Degree) project? It really seems like a full graduate research thesis.
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    the project is related to power system analysis where the common way to calculate voltage or power by using Newton Raphson or Gauss Seidel method, but in my case, i need to use PSO instead of Newton and Gauss to get more accurate result and make it fast. The project will involve the IEEE 30 bus. I have found some matlab coding on the internet, but i fail to understand what is what.

    Yes, it seems like PHD level of project, even my fellow panels said so. But, my project supervisor said otherwise. So, i need atleast a basic guide to understand the PSO itself.
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    I have never used PSO myself, but judging from the Wikipedia entry it seems to be a relatively short, simple algorithm. You just need a list of particles. Each particle can be represented as an object that contains a list of velocities with one entry per dimension. Wikipedia even gives some pseudo code, you just have to translate it into your programming language.
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    good day,

    i want to run a selection from group box by using GUI in matlab... can somebody help me with the coding, the simplest one so that I can understand. Tq.
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    good day,
    i want a suggestion whether this is correct or not. Okay, i analysed the weighting function for most of the PSO algorithm as shown below:

    w= wmax-((wmax-wmin)/itermax)*iter

    where iter is the current iteration.

    what i want to know is how to define current iteration (iter), i tried this equation


    it=current iteration

    is that correct?
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    Do u still need help?

    Hi there,
    Do you still need help for the PSO and its codes?
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