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Homework Help: Particle Tunneling/ Barrier Potential

  1. Nov 8, 2011 #1
    1. Show that as the height of the barrier approaches the electron's incident kinetic energy E an approximation to the transmission that includes just a (the barrier width) and the wave number of the incident electron k=((2mE)^1/2)/(h/2pi) can be obtained. The expression has no Vo term. (Hint: use l'Hopitals rule and do a lowest needed order Taylor expansion for T(Vo) about Vo=E)

    g(z)=g(a)+dg(z)/dz|z=a (z-a)+d^2g(z)/dz^2|z=a (z-a)^2/2!+....

    I tried the first equation and derived it. When I substituted it into the Taylor Series equation (last equation) I got zero instead of a function dependent upon a and k.
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