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Particles, Antiparticles, and Superpartners

  1. Sep 6, 2004 #1
    so electrons would have an antiparticle called a positron?

    and it's possible that the electron also has a superpartner called a selectron?

    if so would the positron also have a superpartner?
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    Superpostitron? Supositron?

    Also what about exotic matter's? On top of that, what about exotic-anti-matter's superpartner? What are these particles are called?

    well PhilosophyofPhysics, welcome to physicsforums and I would think they haven't gotten far enough for exotic-anti-matter's superpartners. Probably anti-matter.

    I'm eager to find out.
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    To get the name of the superpartner, you just need to know wether it is a fermion or a boson. A fermion-superpartner has a name with an extra-s :
    electron -> selectron
    positron -> spositron
    For boson, you add ino :
    gluon -> gluino
    photon -> photino

    See, the rule are not exactly applied, so I am not sure about the spositron. Who needs supersymmetry anyway ? :tongue:
    By the way :
    human -> humanino :wink:
    Well, I just had no idea how to find something original...

    Welcome in PF PhilosophyofPhysics ! How did you came to pick your name ?
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    humanino, nice way of choosing your name.
    Why did you assume human is "boson-like", why not shuman ????

    marlon (easy, it refers to the great marlon brando, my alltime favourite...)
  6. Sep 7, 2004 #5
    Yeah, Marlon was really a great actor !

    For two reason, I chose boson : first, shuman seemed to me a bit too ... indian :wink:
    Then, for statistics ! I wanna hang around with as many other superpartner as possible (I am supposed to be a superpartner here).

    That's really silly.
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    Woo! That's really cool.

    Since positron is anti-electron, what about anti-proton? That one doesn't have a special name. Santi-protron or Anti-sproton? :biggrin:
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    Actually, I thought that the anti-particle associated to the selectron would simply be called "anti-selectron'. But I might wrong on this (and after all, this is all simply an arbitrary choice of names...).

    But if we go back to "ordinary" particles (not susy partners), the positron is an exception in the sense that it is the only antiparticle which has a 'special" name (the fact that it was the first antiparticle discovered explains this). All teh other antiparticles are called "anti-name of particle" lik eantineutrinos, antimuons, etc. So I would expect the "anti-superpartners" to follow this route too, although I am not too sure about the positron case ("spositron" or "anti-selectron"?). :rofl:

  9. Sep 8, 2004 #8
    I totally agree with nrqed last post, and would propose spositron.
  10. Sep 10, 2004 #9
    Them QCD-quarkconfinement-guys need supersymmetry, caro humanino

    und ich spreche auch Deutsch, ja, ja , jahwohl

    Lebt wohl ,lebt wohl, auf Wiedersehen mein schönes Taubchen. :devil:

    Ok the last thing, i really shouldn't be saying that to a guy... sorry...

    Der Marlon von Berlin :surprised
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