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Particles in the Solar Wind

  1. Feb 28, 2007 #1
    Hi Group,

    Just wanted to find out :

    The solar wind particles are electrically charged and arrive at the
    earth with great speed, then get trapped by the magnetic field in the
    magnetosphere envelope round the Earth. Right...:biggrin:
    Now, what about quantity? please can you guys say:

    1. what speed the particles hit the magnetosphere ( ~ approximately?)
    2. how much particle mass (kg) we get over a 24-hour period or 365 day
    period of time?
    3. if they are mostly negative or positive ions (electrons / protons)
    4. if the trapped particles could ever be turned back into neautral
    atoms of normal matter by a orbiting spacecraft that is desgn to do

    just doing some research for a theory idea.

    thx for any answers. Ciao. Joe.
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    I can answer your question in part, but I expect you'll have to try the astronomy or solar astronomy links from google.

    1. Typically at around 400 km/sec
    2. Depends on the solar activity cycle, which varies over roughly 11 years
    3. Pass
    4. Hmm. Intersting question! I hope there are particle physicists here that could solve this one for you...
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