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Homework Help: Partition Function for a Bose ideal gas in a gravity Field

  1. Nov 16, 2006 #1
    Hi there.

    I am doing my Statistical Mechanics HW and i get stuck; the problem is to find the critical temperature for a ideal Bose gas in presence of a gravitational field.

    I tried following the Pathria's way for a free gas: (http://phy.syr.edu/~czhang/book/Pathria_StatisticalMechanics_2ed.djvu [Broken], ) chapter 7 and involucring in the hamiltonian a mgz term. The problem arises when I have to use the density of states, because in this case the energy is not a function of the momenta alone and y this reason I cannot calculate the kernel of the integral.

    I know that my knowlegde in SM is very small and this is the reason of my lack of luck solving the exercises, but any help would be appreciated .

    Thanx in advance

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