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Homework Help: Partition function problem (Reif)

  1. Apr 24, 2008 #1
    Hi, I am trying to work through some of the problems in Reif, not for homework, but to prepare for a final. I was hoping someone could show me how to work through the first problem of chapter seven in Reif.

    7.1 - Consider a homogeneous mixture of intert monatomic ideal gases at absolute temperature T in a container of volume V. Let there be v1 moles of gas 1, and v2 moles of gas 2, ...., and vk moles of gas k.

    (a) By considering the classical partition function of this system, derive its equation of state, i.e., find an expression for the total mean pressure p.

    (b) How is this total pressure p of the gas related to the pressure p_i, which the ith gas would produce if it alone occupied the entire volume at this temperature?
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