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Parts to include in a wavefunction

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with some general rules for which parts one should include in a wave function when trying to determine symmetry. In simple cases, we see things like $$\psi_{\rm space}\psi_{\rm spin},$$ and in more complicated cases we see $$\psi_{\rm space}\psi_{\rm spin}\psi_{\rm isospin},$$ and sometimes $$\psi_{\rm C-parity}$$ is included, etc. How can I tell when to include which pieces? I know it's related to the conservation laws for the particular reaction, but I've seen plenty of strong interaction states written without the $$\psi_{\rm C-parity},$$ even though C is conserved in those reactions. So I'm looking for some consistent rules.

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