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Pascal law

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    Is there any way to deduce pascal law from newton's laws?

    Another question: in a hydraulic press, with the smaller piston with A=1, and the other with A=2, the force in both shouldn't be the same?

    When the smaller piston goes down a distance d, the other piston goes up a distance d/2.

    So the aceleration in the smaller piston has to be twice the aceleration of the largest piston, at each interval. Since the mass in the largest piston is twice the mass of the smaller piston, both forces should be equal.

    I'm confused
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    How do you know this?
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    Maybe I shouldn't think about the piston, but about the fluid below the piston, double area, double mass suporting the piston (or double molecules suporting the piston, giving aceleration to the piston).
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