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Homework Help: Passenger on a ferry (vectors)

  1. Feb 2, 2008 #1
    A passenger walks from one side of a ferry to the other as it approaches a dock.Passenger's velocity is 1.45 m/s due north relative to the ferry, and 4.50 m/s at an angle of 30.0º west of north relative to the water.

    What is the magnitude and direction of the ferry's velocity relative to the water?

    I tried to set the guy walking north (90º) and the other vector at 120º because that is 30º west of north. Now I try to find the magnitude of that and I keep getting 5.8 and I get a direction of 22.8º West of north.

    I have plugged these values into my "mastering physics" homework deal and they come up wrong. I have tried my equations looking at the exact problem with different numbers but it had a solution and I still could not come up with the solution they got so obviously my methodology is off somewhere.

    please help. thank you.
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    Be careful, the first velocity is the man's relative to the Ferry and the second it his relative to the Water, so how do you find the Ferry's velocity relative to the water?
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    wouldn't you add the x and y values of the magnitude of the man and the water with the y value of the man and the boat?
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