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Homework Help: Passive solar house design

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    Excuse the English.. it is not my first language. Sorry if this topic doesn't fit theme of board.

    How can build solar building model house? The temperature must stay within room temperature, outside. Any large divergence will take points off.. the time frame is eight thirty to nine thirty. The sun angles will is about 5 degrees to 18 degrees, from the horizontal. We have to use cheap household items, whatever that means.

    Any tips? Thank you.
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    Search the web for passive solar design pages. There is a lot out there. You will need some mass to store the solar energy and prevent the space from over heating. Water in plastic bags will work. Too little mass and you get over heating, to much and and the space temperature doesn't get warm enough.Heat storage mass reduces temperature swings.

    There are low cost Passive design software on line but there is a learning curve for any software. You can also trial and error. Build a model, add water mass. Record space temperature a 4 PM (hottest time of day). Add or subtract mass until maximum temperature at 4 PM is what is allowed.

    Make sure temperature probe is out of direct sunlight.
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    Look up "envelope house". Passive heating/cooling that incorporates solar warming and thermal masses. Large overhangs on the roofs of south-facing glass walls can prevent overheating in the summer while allowing the sun to shine in when the sun is low (colder weather).
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