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Password expired?

  1. Jun 28, 2008 #1
    Hey, when I logged in about an hour ago I got a message that said something along the lines of "you've had your account for over 500-something days and your password has expired," after which I was prompted to change my password. ... then the site stopped working for like an hour.

    Anyway, was that a bug or something or was it just coincidence ... and why do we have to change our passwords?
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    Just a coincidence- the database is backed up around that time each day. You are required to change your password every now and then for security reasons.
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    hm... well I think that my paid upgrade thing also expired because my posts don't have an avatar or signature anymore... I just redid the paypal thing, but I forget, how long does it take till it goes through and I can add an avatar?

    how come we don't get a warning before the account expires?
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    I think Greg has to manually upgrade you once he has received the payment, but he's away this weekend. If you're not gold by the middle of next week, I'd drop him a PM and make sure that everything's gone through.

    You should have received a warning message regarding your contribution, unless it's another upgrade bug.
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    O there we are, my pic is back up haha. thanks guys.
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    Unfortunately, now you're gold again you fall victim to your posts being thrown into the mod queue in Feedback!
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