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Password protecting a folder

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    Wonder if there's any way to password protect a normal folder?!!
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    compress the folder with winzip, winace, winrar etc. put a password on that and delete the original.
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    ...... and there are a number of (even free) encryption software, folder hide, block, permission etc. software for doing the trick. Just look at any security related software 'archive'.
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    If you are using Windows... XP pro and you are using NTFS you can lock down the folder so only you can access it... Also you can use (only with XPpro) EFS which will encrypt the folder and contents and only allow you to access it....
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    Interesting.. but how do you do that?
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    right click the folder and go to the security tab for NTFS
    Right click the folder and click on advanced on the general tab for EFS

    If you have FAT as your file system you can convert it to NTFS by issuing the 'convert [dive_letter:] /fs:NTFS'

    This wont formate your dive just convert the file tables so u wont loose any data.. of course do a backup first...
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    I have WinXP home. Is there anyway I can use this feature?
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    what are you needing to password protect a folder for?

    if you want, a simple solution would be to merely hide the folder, and even rename it to " " useing alt 0160 to input the space command...
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    Thanks for your time every body. its been great help
  11. Apr 19, 2005 #10
    EFS isnt supported with XP home, but NTFS is, so you can 'lock down' any folder you want using NTFS security features
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