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Past life regression: Been there done that.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Past life regression

    Has anyone else ever tried this? What did you think.

    Tsunami and I both tried this. A local author and hypnotist offered free hypnosis and regressions so that he could use the data for his book. Since I had practiced self hypnosis for many years I was sure that I could be hypnotized. I definitely was. We weren’t really sure if Tsunami ever was though. She didn’t feel that she was ever hypnotized.

    I saw several past lives with a couple of details being quite striking. First though I want to say that I didn’t feel that I had experienced anything real. To me it seemed more like a forced dream. As he began to ask for details about the period and location – what I could see in my mind’s eye - I could sense my mind grasping for answers to his questions. It definitely did not feel like any kind of memory recall to me. It was more like a story being constructed at his prompting. There were a couple of exceptions to this sense of mental story writing with one striking exception.

    In short I saw three lives. In the first one I was a civil war soldier for the south. I saw rolling green hills and a battle in the valley in front of me. Aside from the fact that I produced a name, allegedly my name, nothing of significance was noted. I don’t remember the name that I came up with. I had never heard it before. At the time I was in no postion to know if anyone with this name ever fought in the civil war.

    Next I was a concert pianist in what I seemed to think was London in about 1750 AD. I was first aware of my wearing very fancy clothes and riding in a horse drawn carriage, apparently while on my way to perform a concert. I remember that the road was quite picturesque. It was lined with willow-like trees, and beyond the trees were grassy fields with little stands of trees visible in the distance. I clearly remember the sounds of the horses hoofs on the road. Suddenly I was in front of an audience in a very large concert hall. I wasn’t really doing anything, almost like I was just waiting for something. It was mostly dark but still I could see great detail in the surroundings. This is what struck me about this imagery; it was so full of details. I didn’t expect that.

    Finally, I “landed” in ancient Egypt. First I saw a large reed boat being loaded with goods. This scene was incredibly striking. I was standing on a grassy hill overlooking a wide river or sea, with the boat below me and perhaps one quarter mile away. The sky was intensely blue with the sun shone brightly overhead. The water was equally, strikingly blue, and the contrast to the white sandy shore of the sea was unusually pronounced. I remember the intense colors creating a sense of euphoria. When asked who I was, I came up with some comment about being a low level supervisor of sorts for manual laborers. I remember seeing a rock quarry filled with workers. He asked if the workers were white or black. I wanted to say white, but I remember thinking, no that's not right, and then said they were dark. Next, I was on the reed boat in open waters. For a moment it was again quite beautiful, but then he asked me why I was there. This question was asked at each point in the session, but only this time did it prompt a significant response…as I recall. The moment he asked the question I was overwhelmed with emotion. Without hesitation I said that my wife had died on this voyage. I truly felt tremendous sorrow. Suddenly I was in the water and surrounded by bubbles. I was quite aware that the boat had just sunk. This event in the session actually shook me up a bit for several days. Even now about 12 years later, this memory evokes a strong emotional feeling. This did seem very real.

    I walked away feeling impressed, but mostly not feeling that I had actually seen past lives. It is interesting that now, not only do they feel like real memories, they are! I can see where this gets to be really dangerous stuff when it comes to recovered memories of what were allegedly real life events; I mean in this life. Only during the first perceiving of these stories did I feel that they weren’t actual memories. Once I saw the imagery in my mind, the sense of the source of the story – that I was involuntarily making this all up - was completely lost. I know the proper context for all of this because I made a real point to remember the key feelings and observations from this experience, but it no longer feels like what my logic tells me.
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    I might add that this danger has resulted in many individuals ending up in prison. Memories of sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, etc. recovered during hypnosis seemed quite common not too long ago, with the end result being convictions. Fortunately, the courts now do not consider anything recovered under hyponosis to be valid evidence.
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    three humans lives is surely above average. I have not calculated it accuratelly, but probably the number of living people right now outnumbers the number of dead people along all the human history, and perhaps along all the human prehistory too... So it is very fortunate to have already taken three lives :-D !
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    I apparantly cannot be hypnotized. When I lived in Chicago I met a psychologist that was one of the top clinical hypnotists in the US. Said he'd never met anyone he couldn't put under. I was his first failure.

    I've never known anyone that has been through that experience. Did you get a tape of the session? It would be interesting for you to be able to listen to what he was saying to you during the session.

    Incredible what the mind is capable of. Odd that you would come up with such "real" memories.
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    Re: Past life regression

    This date would be extremely unlikely for a concert pianist:

    A History of the Piano from 1709 to 1980 by David S. Grove

    In 1750 the piano was still in the land of R+D. I'm sorry to have to tell you that, if this past life recollection is authentic, the popularity of your concert would have been based on the fact you were demonstrating a new, freakish sort of instrument the general public hadn't had much chance to hear.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I will note that: It is difficult to guess the proper date in past life regressions.
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    My mother underwent past life regression conducted by a "psychic".

    I've read somewhere about how it was the collective unconscious that you see and not really your past life.
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