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Past Papers

  1. Sep 2, 2004 #1
    Just wondering if there's any guys in here that have past exams that they took in college or uni for vectors, stats and probability, complex numbers, calculus, etc. If you do it would be really great if you could scan them or something and send them to me so that i can prepare myself for the worst case scenario. I find that past papers really help you a lot and don't compare with books, since most of the tests i've had, all of the hard questions that they put in there i had never seen before. It just seems like teachers keep coming up with new problems. Also if you just have one or two questions which have troubled you or think might trouble others on college level maths, physics or chemistry it would also be very much appreciated if you could either post them here or send them to my email address. If theres any teachers in here, could you please tell me how you guys come up with your questions, like do you get them out of books or something? if so, which ones? I think that any information or past tests you can provide will really help me and many other people who visit this site. If the admin or moderators or whoever's incharge of the site is reading this also, i think it would be a good idea to create a new section with just the past papers and difficult problems that people have put in, and put them in there respected catergory i.e. differential equation tests, complex number tests, etc. and perhaps even divide that up into difficulty levels e.g. easy, medium, hard. Any help and past tests people can provide would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance. john

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