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Past sea-level suggests troubling future

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ivan Seeking,

    related news:

    While random "bytes" come in supporting the opposition (of GlobWarm reality), the accumulation of evidence is overwhelming.

    Temperature is only secondary in the sequence. Water salinity is the "gear" in the system. Ice melting = fresh water IN, and salt content down. This will disturb the oceans' currents, and stop the warm water from moving "up" north. Nature's balance mechanism then must "make new Ice" to correct. Only equatorial regions will be able to produce food during Ice-times.

    too late

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    Who is John McLean?
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    I doubt if it is important who the copy-paster is. Perhaps check the refs. There are the guys whose credentials do matter.
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    I did start doing that already; some of the linked material is useful. Some of it is more difficult to judge. All of it takes time.

    There are parts of his introduction that are not referenced. That information is probably just common knowledge in the field. I was curious to find out what he does and what he studies.

    It appears he works in a UV measuring facility in Luxenburg. Any idea if that is correct?

    Edited because when I get wordy I sound obnoxious.
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    me too....
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    OK Sorry for seeming a bit harsh too. Too bad words do not convey body language and :smile: or :wink: could have helped. The question could have been interpreted as

    "and who the h... does JML think he is, knowing it all better than all those scientists who have consensus ...etc...etc"

    And to be honest there are a few shortcuts and inaccuracies in his story.
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    There is no inaccuracy in the story of Louisiana. They are loosing swamp land (retreating shore line) at a terrible rate because they put levies on the Mississippi river and the mud can no longer escape into the swamp. If the sea level rises another meter that will be the end of New Orleans.
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