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Past the Oort Cloud

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    The Titus-Bode law (and Dermott's Law) hypothesizes resonances in certain orbits. In general, in our solar system, each planet is roughly twice as far out as the previous planet. This also seems to hold true for moons around their parent planets.

    5.2 AU - Jupiter
    9.5 AU - Saturn
    19.2 AU - Uranus
    30.1 AU - Neptune - an exception to this hypothesis
    39.4 AU - Pluto (and the Kuiper belt)
    50,000 AU - Oort Cloud

    I am looking for research into the area at 80 AU (twice as far as Pluto), as well as 100,000 AU, past the Oort Cloud. At 100,000 AU, we are halfway to Proxima Centauri, and I'd be interested to see if they share objects near that half-way point.

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