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News Pat Robertsom Wannabe.

  1. Sep 10, 2005 #1
    Meet Richard H. Baker. He's spent the 20 years of his life in Washton DC representing the good people of http://baker.house.gov/ [Broken] . Now, Mr. Baker seems to have a problem. It seems the liberal media overheard him saying:
    However, Mr. Baker's side of the story is a little different. He says he was misquoted---Like good'ol pat---and his statement went more like this:

    The corrected statement isn't much better IMHO. This has the surprising smack of the Pat Robertson debachle from a few weeks past. Ya'll remember that where the liberal media was working to torpedo poor poor Pat through no fault of his own?

    Anywho, what do ya'll think?

    Oh, and a link for those who want to read the WaPo article for yourselves.
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    I think it's a weird mentality indeed that embraces a God who sends a cat 4/5 hurricane because He got tired of waiting for local officials to clean up public housing.

    What is *with* this religious segment?
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    Another "religious compassionate conservative".
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    I have also heard mention of a statement from Barbara Bush (Gee Dub's mommy) saying that the conditions provided the evacuees wasn't that bad because "They don't have anything anyway"
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    I have disagreed that the disaster has been used as a psyops. However, if there are those who are thinking happily how the natural tragedy is eliminating poor people who are a drain on government resources, I would not be at all surprised. And if so, I gather they are feeling some disappointment that the death toll is not likely to be as high as originally projected, and worse yet, now these poor people are displaced--some in their own neighborhoods. Hmm...maybe God does work in mysterious ways.
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    Yes, here's a source for you:

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/09/06/katrina.presidents.ap/ [Broken]
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    Then again.. maybe george did it.
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