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Patched Conics Calculations

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    I'm working on self teaching the patched conics approach for orbital mechanics. I am a very visual learner and I am having difficulty finding text that tailors to my need. Recently I have been working on the calculations for an interplanetary transfer and I seem to be getting pieces of the whole, but I am still missing the big picture. One problem I came across was from this text page 423 problem (b).

    I am pretty rusty with math, but up to this point I have been able to match the calculations required for this an other problems. Having little to no understanding how to calculate the angle for when to begin a departure burn, this is the only text I have found to lay it out so neatly. The problem is my calculations for the solution do not match the text.

    Here is my solution which is off by almost a degree. I have reworked the same problem on different calculators on different days and still have arrived at the same number. If anyone can help me understand why my calculation does not match the text I can continue my quest to learn this complicated field. Thank you in advance
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