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Patent Attorney

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    I'm coming to the end of my chemistry degree (in the UK) and I've been looking into applying for jobs as a trainee patent attorney. I'm hoping that someone here can give me some valuable advice. Am I a suitable candidate? What's the competition like?

    - My degree is a BSc in Chemistry, this has included a year working for a German chemical company in R&D (lab work, which I have really come to hate).

    The options availabe to me now are:

    1) Get a Masters degree ( 1 year, costs me at least £7k/year including living expenses).
    2) Get a PhD (3 years, paid ~ £15k/year) for which I don't need a Masters degree, BSc+experience is fine.
    3) Start applying for trainee patent attorney jobs - these are very scarce, and I imagine that competition is extremely high.

    Although I will have a 1st Class degree, it's not from a particularly good university. I speak some German, and I have the opportunity this summer to go to Germany for 3-4 months (an internship, £600/month) and become fully fluent. Am I right in saying that German/French language skills are a bonus?

    I have almost no money, and I don't particularly want to put myself into more debt just to study for a Masters degree.

    Any advice welcomed.
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