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Patent law for engineers?

  1. Feb 25, 2013 #1
    Can anyone recommend me a good textbok on patent law for engineers? It should be geared toward the technical side (i.e. suited for the engineer) rather than for the patent attorney. In other words, it should be something of an engineer's guide to the design and drafting of patents.

    Appreciate it thanks.

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    Its always better to have a patent attorney draft your invention from some writeup you give him/her. Sometimes they come up with uses that you never thought of also, sometimes your invention may be composed of several ideas some of which have been patented or can't be patented (public knowledge, obvious...)

    The key part of a patent document is not the write-up that describes the invention but the claims made. These are what are argued in court. My old company had a scheme for patenting software that covered all the various delivery media like the algorithm is embedded in the CPU, or as a program or packaged on a removable media (CD) to box in the idea so someone couldn't slip in with a variation not covered. Thee variations are what patent attorneys know about and should protect against in your patent disclosure.

    As far as books go the best one is probably the Patent Examiners / Agents certification exam book.

    Here's some from google:


    I cant say which one is best as I learned by submitting and defending patents before a review commitee at my old company and then reviewing the patent disclosure written by the assigned patent attorney.
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