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Patent Rights?

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    If I have made a discovery relating to how certain codons in DNA behave, what could I do to make a patent/ get rights to my discovery? My discovery is not, but is similar to the discovery that AUG Is the start codon for a protein code. Ideas/Help?
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    Discoveries don't get patented, they get published. Inventions get patened.
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    Hence the /rights. How would I get said discovery published?
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    Don't take this the wrong way but not knowing how to publish is generally an indicator that one doesn't know enough about the field to have made a discovery.

    If you've studied the field enough to perform lab work and collect accurate data then you should know that work gets published in peer reviewed journals. You should also have an idea of which journals would be appropriate to your field. Look up those journels, find their submission criteria and write up a paper to fit.

    Note that this gives you credit for the discovery, it does not give you the rights to it.
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