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Patentable idea?

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    hi, I have an idea for an audio system in three parts.

    first an amplifer system that drives a single driver with a signal imposed (out of audio range or a small dc current that uses feedback to reduce driver distortion) to compensate for variations from ideal in the audio sine wave output. using the magnetic coil in the driver as an inductor separate from the audio signal so as to have perfect speaker movement reducing speaker distortion.

    next a laser and phototransistor at a 45 degree angle from the dome of the driver with some sort of grating system to measure the frequency response of the the driver, next a dsp going from the dac and correcting for frequency dips and peaks (for a flat frequency response from all drivers) and time delays from the drivers, (the dsp would also split the signal for each speaker to be feed into its individual dac which would be feed in the into the above amp.

    is it just me or does this sound like the best audio system in the world, I'm still learning and I estimate I won't have all the skills to build this for another ten years but I would like your feedback on improvements of if someone has already patented this idea.

    digital input-->dsp-->dac-->amp-->driver-->laser mic-->back to dsp in feedback loop
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    Remember its not patentable if you describe it in detail here as it becomes public knowledge.
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    Assuming this works, I would take a look at the kind of parts you'd need for this, and how much they would cost, and how much it would cost to build the thing.

    To make systems you can build complex and elaborate systems with very pricey components, but the real objective is to build something better with at least the same cost as the already existing stuff, you can do this by exploiting the new technological advancements that make new ways of thinking viable or by just being a genius.
    Would you have thought of the ##\Sigma \Delta ## ADC? I would never have.

    You should discuss your ideas as a student because most times it's not done that way for a reason and you can learn from that.
    Of course, inventions are often made by comparatively young people and not seasoned veterans, so when you're sure to have something in your hands, you should not discuss it publicly to keep patentability. But I don't think this is the case, it's just another feedback you could apply to this system. The question is whether it's worth it or not.
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    You make it sound like only young people are the primary inventors in fact it's more likely that inventions will come from someone outside a given field not that they are simply younger. It has to be someone who doesn't know the limits or has a knack for seeing things that need fixing.


    From this study the average age is 40-45, the age is getting younger which attributed to the tech revolution we are in but to me that's middle aged.

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    wish I had one of those stainless steel tables that floats on air made for optics work :rolleyes:

    my project that signaled that I'd 'arrived' was going to be a steel marble that floated, spun and bounced back and forth above a circle of coils controlled by a microcontroller but making the ultimate audio system will be more of a challenge, I'm willing to spend the money, I was one of those guys who wanted a $100,000 krell system oo)
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