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Path for long-erm UE

  1. Mar 28, 2014 #1
    I am not the typical long term UE that you may be thinking. I am 40 years old and have not worked much in the last 10 years at all, and even that was data entry, retail. Before that I delivered pizza for 5 years. Before that I had a few short stints in the late 90's doing stuff like Network Engineer I, warehouse work involving computers etc. So I have no real skills at all. I did try to learn a bunch of web development stuff over the last 8 years, but that did not pan out too well. The projects I did were never even looked at by HR after they found I did not meet the basic requirements. You may say I should do my own thing, but that involves learning design, sales, marketing etc; its just too much for me, plus I still have not had a "great idea" yet.
    Anyway, I have started learning Physics lately and become quite obsessed. I took Physics I and II while getting my math degree some 15 years ago, and got decent grades, but was really just interested in playing music at that point; I never really comprehended even the most basic of concepts even though I could plug in the numbers and get the answer.
    I will admit that I get a somewhat creepy feeling when learning quantum Physics, but I am sure I can get past this.
    I would like to possibly get a PHD but I do not have any money. Is there any chance at all that I can get a "free ride" if I do good enough on the admission test? I would never consider taking loans due to the fact that I have been UE for 10 years and I feel that I have little chance of being hired because of that fact, even in academia.

    edit: I cant even figure out how to indent paragraphs here. Perhaps, this is a ridiculous posting.
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