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Path integral formulation

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    does the multi Path integral formulation violate special relativity ! do we get speeds faster than c.
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    the particles with speed greater than 'c' are no physical particles they have no meaning at all, i think they are introduced just as a mathematical trick to make thing converge.
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    What speed are you talking about? Group speed or phase speed?
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    Neither. He's talking about path integrals, which add up the probability amplitudes associated with each classical path, and some of those paths correspond to speeds >c.

    The answers to the questions in #1 are "no" and "yes". To "violate" SR you'd have to be able to send a message with a speed greater than c. You can't do it just by breaking a mathematical expression into pieces and interpreting some of the pieces as speeds >c.

    They are no less and no more real than the ones with speed less than c, and this doesn't have anything to do with convergence.
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    i see
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