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Path Integral that is valid for a Particle

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    What is it?

    Is there a Path Integral that is valid for a Particle and the detection device's, such as Observers?

    In General Relativity, events are deemed to be real at 'local' co-ordinates. If one looks out up into the night Cosmos, 'reality' tends to "fade" with distance, distance is scaled to size over distance. Now if one looks inwards, down into events from 'local' time events, down into Quantum Domains, then events also tend to fade away from reality , but with scale to size over distance, having no continuity.

    If observation, or specifically observers are the gauge of reality, the continuous direction one face's in observation, should have a 'reality' cut-off be-it, if one looks outwards, or if one looks 'inwards'.

    If a projectile is launched outwards into the Cosmos, if it continues away for some distance, then it should become less 'real', it should behave with the same traits as that for a Particle that is deemed to be crossing from the Local Event space, GR into the Quantum un-event domain.

    Question, is the Universal Horizon at a far off distance, a 'hidden variable' a virtual quantum event frame?
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    1. Local reality consists of 2 main elements, each of which can be defined multiple ways. Reality="Hidden" variables (particle attributes) have distinct values independent of observation. Locality=The variables are local to the particle or system under observation.

    2. If the universe is the hidden variable, then it is not local by definition. There have been a number of suggestions in interpretations of QM that the state of the universe is somehow at play. It still comes back to some matters of definition and interpretation. There is nothing to date which specifically points in this direction, but it is not ruled out either.

    Also by definition, any such interpretation should yield predictions completely identical to orthodox QM. That makes it an ad hoc hypothesis and does not advance our understanding in any particular way.
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    Alternative theories/interpretations needn't predict ALL physical results identically to orthodox QM, only those QM predictions that have been verified by experiment.
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