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Path to Astrophysics

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    Note: I hope, I am not breaking any forum rules, If I do feel free to move my thread.

    I am a 3rd-grade physics student, my department has not many student and none of our profs interested in astrophysics.

    So there is nobody to show me the way and I think some of you might help me.

    I am thinking of mastering in astrophysics, before that, I must get in it a bit to have an idea about what is it like to be an astrophysicist. If I can pick a subject and start to self-study on it I might create a research poster before I graduate and I'd be more prepared for my master's degree.

    I checked Kepler & K2 databases and no idea where to start. Maybe you can offer me a guide or starting point.
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    Do you mean perhaps 3rd year of university? In US English, "3rd grade" means 3rd year of elementary (primary) school, i.e. about age 8. :eek:

    [added] Have you studied any astrophysics at all yet, at an introductory level? If not, you might want to start with a general astrophysics textbook. If you look in our Science and Math Textbooks forum and use the search feature to look for "astrophysics", you'll find many discussions of astrophysics books. Many of them are more on a popular level, but I do see real textbooks also.

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the field so I can't give a specific suggestion myself.
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    Yes, I mean 3rd year of university.

    Thanks for your advice Sir.
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