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Patterns in the universe

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    The universe must either have:

    A start and an end.
    A start and no end.
    No start and an end.
    No start and no end

    Or a combination thereof.

    I believe there are limits to complexity, I believe complexity to be a product of thought, if something appears complex its yet to be understood in its simple form.

    I believe complexity to proportionality related to scale, a recent study on brains found that if they where to grow any bigger they would actually start to become simpler rather than more complex.

    Its like the run up the Iraq war, there where 4 positions one could have:

    Pro-war - appropriate action was war driven.
    Pro-peace - appropriate action was peace driven.
    Anti-war - war was not appropriate driving action.
    Anti-peace - peace was not appropriate driving action.

    They are all variations on dualities, the general abstraction is the boolean matrix:


    There are other patterns in nature like the similaraties between a flock of birds and a school of fish, symmetry, daulities.

    There are two types of thought:

    Male, linear, sequential, cause and effect thinking, it can be expressed as:

    A male impregnates a female to create a child.

    Female, circular, stepping, set of conditions thinking, it can be expressed as:

    A male and female join together and a child comes into being.

    I mean look at numbers:

    Male - 1,2,3,4,5,6
    Female - odd,even,odd,even,odd,even

    Now look back at where we started:

    A start and an end - male:male
    A start and no end - male:female
    No start and an end - female:male
    No start and no end - female:female

    If you examine two objects there is always a hidden 3rd object, the relationship between the two objects.

    Horizons dont really exist, there is only the earth and the sky, the hidden third object here is the observer, it is only in the observers mind the horizon exists, however the observer will see or percieve it as if it was real.

    As humans, we move 'around' or 'through' space, think about that, move 'around' or 'through' space, space that is already there.
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    Experiences are non-dual.

    It is the translation of experiences into concepts that creates duality. This duality however, can be transcended by secondary concepts which modify the way the primary concepts are understood.

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    That is neat, connect, but your post feels incomplete. You never stated what you think the relevance of these patterns is, or what conclusions you think we can draw from them.
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    Consuming Space

    I am trying to work on the idea of 'consuming space'.
    I am trying to separate the 'structure of space' from the 'activity that goes on within that structure'. A TV screen is a 'structure of pixels' who's 'activity is changing their state over time'. As we move around, we move from one space to another, maybe space changes as we move around or through it. I know that sounds simple, but think about it - as we move into new space the old space we moved from becomes something else, that is happening 'at the same time', one space to the next, a pushing, pulling, almost shaking like effect, left foot, right foot.

    A coherent theory of space time should be able to explain common structures and activity inherent in all observable nature. In nature time is most apparent in the form of 'one after the other', breathing, conversation, tick tock, look at each word one after the other. In a film about some characters escaping danger using a train on a long distant railway track our adventurers came across a sabotaged track in front of them. What do they do? They take a track from 'behind them' to replace the missing one 'in front of them'. Its all one thing after another or one thing then the next.

    I believe I am alive because I am being accelerated 'through a structure' (space) by the planet (which is also moving through the structure of space, the structure of space is of course changing over time). The structure is changing to represent me. I am effectively energy, a child of the planet. I am fractal like, I am a 5 pointed star, my hands and feet are five pointed stars. I believe I am created by the planet spinning and radiating into space in an outwards fashion (like a shoot pushes up out of the ground, gravity). Space structure's relaxed natural state is cold, but there are clusters of heat/light or heat/light clusters, heat pushes against the cold while the cold pushes against the heat. The cold is like a bucket of water universe and the heat a balloon planet, put them together and you have two equal or opposing forces pushing against each other. The air in a balloon in a bucket of water will be compressed, or the air in a balloon in a bucket of water will try to expand, well both at the same time really. While one leg is 'taking the strain' the other 'is at rest' getting ready to take the strain, THEN they swap places. Did you see the super symmetry? The switch, the swap, the simultaneous one place to the next?

    Are things really that complicated? At any size the same basic rules apply, there are certain limitations, fractal like limitations. Take a small building block add another 5 small building blocks of the same size and you have 1 big block consisting of 6 small building blocks. Alternatively you make 2 medium blocks of 3 small blocks each. Different configurations but limited configurations because they are all consuming the same objects.
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    I think what you are saying connect is interesting.
    I saw a similar thing on my lsd trip.
    The entire multivere of infnite possibilites broke down into its simpilest pieces.
    This was Dark (light) and Light (dark) or Female (male) Male (female)
    This is also seen in yin and yang which forms the pattern of 4.
    To explain more this shows the universe is all made of binary code
    Everything we see is made of 0's and 1's. Dark is 0 and Light is 1.
    What you are talking about is basicaly seeing the basic patterns the universe is made of. Infnite complexity is made from inifnite simplicity.
    The infinite possibility matrix is made from 0 and 1.
    The four patterns you noticed is the unification of 0 and 1
    0 (is 1) 1(is 0)
    Again this is seen as yin and yang as dark in light and light in dark.
    The entire universe is made on this basic pattern.
    Hope this interests you!
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    Sorry to post again but I just wanted to explain a little more about what I said.
    The reason that 0 is 1 and 1 is 0 is this.
    1 or Everything (infinite possibilites) is so big its almost the same as nothing.
    For example if you mediate and try to understand the infinite possibilites you have to kind of imagine nothing because they are so great they are like nothing.
    You are closest to understanding everything by thinking of nothing.
    If you imagine a circle and at 12 o clock is 0 or nothing. Then as you go around the clock more and more possibilites are there and finally when you get back to 12 o'clock again you reach 1 or everything. This is the alpha and the omega. The 0 and the 1.
    You will notice that both nothing and everything are at 12 o clock because even though they are the infinite opposite of each other they are almost the same thing.
    I know it sounds sillt that everything is so big it is half like nothing but that is how it is.
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    sillt is meant to be silly BTW !
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