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Homework Help: Pauli exclusion principle

  1. May 30, 2007 #1
    hey all, posted this before but no one managed to get it?
    question off a past paper that it cant do.../

    state pauli exclusion principle (can do that) and explain its consequence in an atom (can do that). Use it to determine the values of n, l ml and ms of 10 neon atoms placed in a box at ground state. what is the net z component of angular momentum of the electrons?

    any help much appriciated!

    i know the quantum numbers can only take certain values and that pauli says no 2 particles can have identical quantum numbers but can't really get answer.

    cheers all

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    what quantum number do you know that are relevant i atomic physics, how are their values related to each other? What values can they obtain?
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    Yes, of course you can state Pauli's exclusion principle... there's and argument about the symmetric or antisymmetric wave function (if the particle has integer or half-integer spin). You can find it well stated in whatever introductury book on QM.

    In an atom, as electron (say), have semi-integer spin, the exclusion principle forbids that all electron occupy the ground state...

    Good luck...
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