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Paying for Graduate School

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    It seems common that people say you shouldn't pay for graduate school. Besides the financial burden, are there any other reasons why this is the case? I am just curious. Thank you!
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    Some reasons of the top of my head.
    1) Obviously you would rather not pay, especially with how much grad school costs unsupported.
    2) If some grad school accepts you, but without support, then it is likely that some other grad school at about the same level would accept you with support. At the graduate level there is not really as much of a difference as there seems to be for undergrad colleges in the US. It seems that when people talk about top colleges in the US (where I assume you study) they mean ivy league + MIT and maybe a couple others depending on interests, but for grad school there are a ton of colleges at about the same level just specializing in various different areas.
    3) If the school will not pay it may be a sign that you are not really wanted. You are obviously not their top candidate because those get support. Thus you may find that you are not really strong enough academically, have a hard time getting the "top advisors", etc.

    (3) I have only heard about from others so I don't know how much truth there is to it. Take it with a grain of salt, but it makes sense that it applies at least to some extent.

    Obviously if it is your only choice and money is not a problem, then it will not be a big problem, but money is a problem for most people and most have alternatives available.
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