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Pbmr and termo cycles

  1. Feb 18, 2007 #1
    I would need help, if there is someone willing to help...


    ·What are advantages and disadvantages of nitrogen as cooling gas in PBMR comparing with helium?

    ·On witch way is possible to increase power of Brayton cycle to act on compressor side and in the same time greatest pressure and temperature to remain the same?

    ·Which one of ideal cycles is better, Brayton or Atkinson?

    ·Which one of ideal cycles is better, Diesel or Otto?

    ·Why losses during compression and expansion rapidly change sequence in comparing Diesel and Otto, Brayton or Atkinson cycle?

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    You need to show your own work before we can help you with a homework question.

    What do you think each of the answers are, and why?
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