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Pc Cd-rom

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    I have been browsing amazon.co.uk looking for suitable A level Maths software. But there are so many brands- Aircom, DK, Times, Idigicon.

    Can anyone tell me a suitable A level Math Software that will enable me to 'fill in the gaps' in my weak areas?

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    jim mcnamara

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    Are you looking for tutorial help or something more like Matlab, Maple, or Octave?
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    What syllabus and exam board are you preparing for?
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    I am studying for the university of Cambridge Advance Level (GCE A Levels)

    The syllabus code is 9709 for A level Math and 9231 for A level Futher Math.

    I am looking for a software that can act as my personal tutor- something that can help me understand all the topics covered by 9709 and 9231 so I can have the confidence to attempt the exams. Remember I am selfstudying- so I would like to have a software as through as possible.

    I was searching amazon.co.uk and I saw a whole bunch of them- but their reviews werent encouraging. Some people said that the graphics and navigation was poor, others said that their syubject content was poor.

    I am confused and desperate- whose product to purchase, which one will be the cheapest, which one will take all the complex topics and break it down simply so that not only I can understand and master all the mathematical subjects covered by these exams, I will be able to get a Grade A too?

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    Thanks for the software suggestions guys
    You guys are the best
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