PC locked out by virus

  1. My PC has been locked by a virus claiming to come from the police and demanding a "fine" to free it.
    I can run the PC using Ubuntu, how can I find and remove the virus when operating on Ubuntu?
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  4. Ubuntu alone won't be of much help. AVG and other anti-virus companies have free products that can be booted from a cd or USB flash drive. Here is a link to AVGs tool. http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd
  5. I believe you have the UKash tojan.

    Of the many sites that offer fixes, this one gives some good reading.
    If you have another user login to the computer, that user's files should not be infected yet and most times can do a logon. Beware that the virus mutates and if you do not get it one or two tries all user's will be infected, including safe mode.
    I am not sure if it mutates into Ubuntu, but I would not take chances.

    If your system does lock up completely, then you can always remove the hard drive and scan it from another computer and /or retrieve data.
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    Under windows, I would try system restore to a back up point you are reasonably sure predates the infection.
  7. "The police claiming a fine to free it." Hahahahahahaha! O my gosh, can't stop laughing!..... Oh, this is so funny but I really mean no offense by laughing at your disgrace. This malware developers are getting more and more creative.

    Anyway, it's been 3 days since your post. The posts above have the solution. I hope you have already fixed it. :smile:
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    You'll love this one then. In July, a man got a fake FBI alert telling him to pay a fine or he would be arrested for the child porn that he had downloaded. He decided to go to the police to see if he was indeed wanted on child porn charges. What happened after that should go into the stupid criminal hall of fame.
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    You should probably back up your data from Ubuntu and then wipe your hard drive and reinstall.
  11. Open in the Safe Mode and use malwarebytes

    I was hit by virus some time ago.

    1. force shutdown (e.g., hold power button down for some time.

    2. Reboot in the Safe Mode (hold F8 during the boot process)

    3. Run your virus program (it may work) or download malwarebytes to a CD and run it - donlt forget to update it.

    Worked for me
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  12. I agree with BobMilla. What you have is a type of malware. Try rebooting in safemode and running Malwarebytes.
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