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PC not working?

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    My PC suddenly stopped working after a power blackout. I.e. The PC didn't turn on even after the power went back on. It is as if it is dead.

    It is about 6 years old. What could be the problem? The monitor still turns on but obviously no pictures just a blank screen. Would could be the problem? Could the processor had been 'over clocked' so its life time was reached?
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    Chances are your power supply got damaged.
    Unplug it, wait 10 minutes, then plug it back in.
    Some units can lock out.

    If that doesn't help then replacing the power supply might fix things up.
    Depends on if anything else got damaged.
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    Thanks for the advice, it worked by pluging it back in after a while. So you were most likely right about the damage to the power supply.

    Could you possibly explain some of the theory behind what just happened? What do you mean by some units can lock out?
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    If the power supply detects that one or more output lines are not maintained within specified limits then a circuit is activated that shuts the oscillators down.

    This condition will remain until the supply is unplugged and all stored charge dissipates (the only way to turn off the lockout switch).

    If there is a permanent problem then the circuit will get reactivated when you try to turn the power supply back on.

    Since it works now, all is good. :smile:
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