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PC sound synthesizer and oscilloscope ?

  1. Dec 20, 2004 #1
    PC sound synthesizer and oscilloscope ???

    I'm studying a bit about acoustics and music by reading books on these topics. But without being able to hear the sounds, and see how they combine on an oscilloscope, it's hard to really learn the material.

    I would like to find a computer program that would allow me to create musical notes of any frequency I want (not just those of a standard, equal temperment piano keyboard), combine them, and also see how the resultant sound would appear on a oscilloscope.

    Anyone know of any program I could get that does those things?

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    If what I have seen is right. Logic Pro 7 has a new feature called sculpture that allows you to make your own sounds. They have a nice recreation of glass on there. Sadly it retails at $999 or an education discount gives you half off. Also it is Mac only. I'm sure one of the other DAW packages has that though. You might check out MOTU's DP4 or a higher up version of Cubase. Pro Tools is strictly recording from what I've used but I have not used PT in years.

    If you are looking for free programs I doubt you will find any.
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    Google for SynthEdit
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