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PCB Artist Layout Software

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    Anyone here used it?
    I have liked Eagle in the past but I see the company I have ordered boards with offers PCB Artist for free. I downloaded it and it looks pretty simple compared to Eagle which is fine with me. It's not like I am laying out a motherboard or something.
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    From their website it does seem to have a lot of features. Let us know what you think of it! :smile:
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    I will give an update. It seems a bit awkward to find parts in their libraries but with a bit of experience most things can be found. Of course there is always the option of building up your own which I have done a fair amount of. The design check is good in finding dangling tracks, lower than spec clearances and things of this nature. I thought the schematic portion was a little off. Some parts have huge font sizes and some have very small. I was unable to find a way to slap a ground symbol down and have it automatically be the ground net. You have to specifically rename each net you want to be ground and attach the symbol. All ok for free I suppose. I didn't try the autorouter as I wanted the layout to be very similar to a previous revision. Eagle was fine but since autodesk got ahold of them I doubt I will have anything to do with it.
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