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PCB drill hole question.

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    I am laying out pcb and I want to confirm about the over drill size for a pin. The pin is 0.05". I forgot what is the conventional over size drill. Is it 0.06"? Or 0.065 to be safe?


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    Some of it depends on if you're using PTH or not. I was always told to give an extra 5mils for plating on top of a standard 10 mils over the max diameter of the lead per the data sheet. It has served me well.

    To answer your question, I'd use 65 mils as the basis and then round up to the nearest standard drill size. The board house will generally do that for you though if you just spec 65 mils.
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    For a lead Ø=1.30mm, we use a finished hole of Ø=1.50mm and mounting/inner lands of Ø=2.25mm.

    Unless you're plating your holes yourself, I don't think you have to worry about increasing the diameter to make room for plating. The board house will drill the (plated) through-holes with a larger Ø than what you specify in your drill file in order to leave room for plating.
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