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PCI 32 Bit help

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    The 32 Bit PCI Slots have a Bandwidth of 1133MBps.

    And I know they connect to the Southbridge BUSS.

    But if you have three PCI Slots and you have a FAX Card in one and a Graphics Card in another.

    And they both are working at the same time am I right the 1133MBps Bandwidth will be split between the two of them?
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    PCI bus is shared. If you have a gfx card and a fax card on PCI then they both share the same data path.
    PCI-e on the other hand is a point to point connection and devices connected here have a dedicated lane to the chipset.

    Confirm which one you have and you have you know if it's shared or not.

    P.S. It's not that basic/simple but yeah.
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    May I ask if this is a project or are you actually using a PC that doesn't have a dedicated graphic bus? Unless you intend to work totally from command line there are huge benefits from upgrading. Even an old AGP board would be an improvement, but serialization as in PCI Express is a major leap forward in bandwidth as well as a reduction in data collision ie: increased performance AND stability (a rare combination). Many people seem to think that "fancy" graphics cards are strictly for gamers but the increased complexity of graphic content on the web has driven up both the value and the need for better graphics. Also, the ever increasing minimal hardware demands of Windows has made some very good used PCs available for very cheap. Might be time to upgrade.
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