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Hey everyone- a friend of mine is looking to buy a new PCI [not PCI express] graphics card- he justs wants something that will be able to run most new games - though not at any great quality.
Does anyone know if a graphics card ~70 euro would be able to run games such as Oblivion and Battlefield 2.. etc? and also could anyone recommend a card that would fit the budget?

Thanks very much
Not on PCI. You'll need at least AGP. and a Geforce 6 series or higher or ATIxXXX or higher. Obliviion is only really playable on anything less with some extensive hacking (someone has in fact done it and released an executable that works on older cards). Don't know about Battlefield 2.
Many thanks for the reply.
I myself have been able to run BF2 on the AGP version of NVidia's FX5200 256mb graphics card.
NVidia also produce a PCI version of this card but will the performance be the same or is it affected by the slower interface [PCI vs AGP]?
Thanks again..
No chance of running any remotely modern game on a PCI frisbee. :)
AGP still has life in it and if I'm not mistaken, ALL modern games can be played on AGP versions of current cards.

BF2 uses a LOT of texture memory, often reserving DRAM space for textures. You gameplay (fps ) with BF2 is directly proportional to the amount of DRAM and VRAM. Ofcourse, you can turn off AA and AF completely and try 1024 x 786, but that would load the CPU. Not to mention that your gameplay would be severely impaired.

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