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    I need to do my first planning and design lab but I need some general tips. The observation is that when fruits are wrapped in paper and put in a cupboard they ripen quickly.

    The attempt at a solution
    Now I have to come up with 3 hypothesis based on the obs. Am I right if I say:
    1. Fruits that are placed in still air ripen more quickly than those that are not.
    2. Fruits ripen more quickly in darkness than in light.
    3. Fruits wrapped in paper ripen more quickly than those that are not.

    Also I need to know how much fruits I should state that would be tested in the experiment.
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    Your three numerated points are all good conditions to test. Your question after those points suggests a variable to test, or at least another condtion to test accross your three numerated points.
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    Yes, I want to know what is a suitable quantity of fruits that should be theoretically tested...I would use bananas in the experiment. How much and for how long?
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