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Homework Help: PDE help

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    I'm following an algorithm my teacher gave us and I'm trying to understand it...

    I'm trying to solve this PDE 2Ux-Uy+5U=10 with U(x,0)=0

    First I need to solve the homogeneous equation.

    So I set up the relation:
    V(y)=U(2y+c, y)

    to solve 2Ux-Uy=0

    where the characteristic equation is y=1x/2 -c/2 and x=2y+c

    ***My first problem is that I am having a hard time understanding what the characteristic equation is and why it is important to use in solving this problem.

    Then I need to to take the derivative of V(y) with respect to y

    V ' (y) =(Ux)(Xy) + (Uy)(Yy) which is
    V ' (y) =2Ux+Uy

    here is my second problem, I seem to get 2Ux+Uy instead of 2Ux-2Uy which is what I need to make the problem a little easier...

    EDIT... Finally got it, nvm...
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