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PDF and printing

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    Perhaps someone can help me out here.

    For one of my classes, the professor has made available the lecture notes in .pdf format. I would like to print them out prior to class so I can actually spend time absorbing information instead of frantically scribbling. However, I don't want to print out 30+ pages worth for every class.

    I know there is a way to print out 2 or 4 pages per sheet, but I have been unable to find a way how.

    I am currently running adobe acrobat reader on a win 98 machine with a HP deskjet 832C color inkjet printer. Is the problem I'm having got to do with the adobe software, the operating system, the old printer, or some other factor I may be overlooking.

    Any insights?
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    When you go; file>print if a 'print' window pops up look at the Print Range options. You can select what pages to print from there without printing the entire document.
    good luck

    oops, I misunderstood what you were asking. I'll see if I can figure it out before someone beats me to it.
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    Well, I can tell you for sure that the problem is with adobe acrobat, I don't know if it is really a problem at all, I checked on my version of Adobe Reader, and I couldn't find an option anywhere to print multiple pages per sheet, I just don't think that it was programmed into the software. I do have some suggestions though:

    1. I would assume that the teacher typed the files and then put them into acrobat, instead of scanning image files, this is definantly the case if the file is typed and looks nice, because if it was scanned you would see scanned paper marks. If this is the case, you can go Tools > Select text and then copy the text into a word document, where you can decrease the text size drastically or increase the paper margins or anything like that in order to make the number of pages smaller. This may not work though if there are pictures or anything in the document, and some of the formating might be lossed, although you could quickly fix that with a few return keys.

    2. As I think about it, last time I used Adobe Acrobat, the full version, I think there was a way to do it on there, but I don't have it on this computer so I can't check for you.

    3. If you are worried about paper but not ink, you could always print on front and back to cut it in two.

    4. I'm not familiar with your printer specifically, but I'd guess that there is a program associated with it that runs the print system, you may be able to condence documents in there.

    Its definantly not a problem with the printer hardware or the Operating System though, the printer will just respond to color and position codes that it is given and the OS has very little to do with Printing so I wouldn't worry about that though.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't just reply, and either myself or somebody else around here might think of something.
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    Ok, go to; file>print>printer properties
    You should now have a Document Properties dialog box. Notice there is an option to select the number of pages per sheet. That ought to do it.

    Well, I've got winXP though so it may be different than win98
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    I would try his option first, I either must of missed that or it wasn't on the horribly old copy of Adobe 3.1 I was using since the only computer I have connected to a printer is really really slow. If you have an old version like this you might need to update to get that option.
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    Well, when all else fails, consult the manual.

    I guess I need to buy a better printer or fork out the cash and print it at school.

    So Boulderhead, what type of printer are you using?
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    HP Laser Jet 4L

    But I still believe you may be able to do it. From my Internet Explorer window I can do it from a slightly different path;


    At this point the Print dialog box appears and toward the upper right there is the option for Preferences. Click on that and once more the option of Pages Per Sheet is available.

    Here is a link to download adobe reader version 6, in case you think that might help;

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    did copying it over to Word not work? Because that would be a very easy way to solve the problem. I wouldn't go to the extent of buying a new printer just for this, it would be much cheaper just to pay to print all 30 pages
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    Nope, I checked the printer preferences and it's no such luck. I'm checking with my friends and neighbors ATM to see if there is anyone who has the needed option.


    I'm not as worried about the cost of it. My printer is over 5 years old now as it is, and the quality is pretty crappy. Any drawings I've had to do for class I've been printing out on other computers because the thickness of the lines from AutoCAD drawings plot out different depending on whether the line is horizontal or vertical.

    My main concern is actually lugging pages and pages and pages around to class, so If I have to drop $80-100 to avoid it (and update my equipment in the process), I'm willing to do it.
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    I had no luck earlier when I fired up a computer running win98 with Acrobat Reader v4, so I installed the latest version 6 but still had no luck. Word 2000 was also on that machine and it would allow multiple pages per sheet.
    Sorry I couldn't do you any good. :frown:
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    Thanks anyway Boulderhead!

    At least it narrows down to what the problem is. To be honest, it looks like the pdf is a converted PowerPoint file. I may just ask the prof if he can make them available in PP Format. PP I know I can print multiple pages per sheet.
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    This is all you need: http://www.fineprint.com/
    This is shareware, so it is going to put a notice on the bottom of the page. If you don't mind, this will do the job. If you do, then i'm sure you are capable of finding a "work around" to the pesky problem *cough*
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    BoulderHead, I tried your method and it seemed to have the multi-page option. I've got an Epson Stylus colour 480. Just so you know the method works.
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    Thanks for the info, Pauly Man.
    Are you running win98, or winXP? What I was starting to think is that winXP might have this 'extra' option built into it or something. The driver for my HP came straight out of winXP, I did not have to load a special one myself. It’s probably not an option, but I wonder; if Enigma were running winXP would the multiple page per sheet option would become available?
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