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PDF vs. DjVu

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    Hello guys!

    I've just learned about DjVu on a website (http://www.djvuzone.org/wid/). It is an alternative to bulky PDF files, and presents an unparalleled performance. However, I believe it is not as popular; it may be the only drawback there is to it. Maybe it is just me. Well, I'd like to hear the opinion of you guys about that...

    One more question: does anyone know a way to get from .tex straight to .djvu ? Or, it can only be done by printing a .pdf file into this format?

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    I've never heard of the DJVU, or any way of compiling TeX source to DJVU. You might want to look into dvi, which is what LaTeX renders to by default. Compared to PDF's the size of dvi is minimal, at best.
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    DjVu is in no way related to PDF. DjVu does image compression, while PDF is a portable document model. Once you compress an image with DjVu there is no way to edit text and search the document.
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