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PE certification

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    I am a Civil Engineering major, and I work full time as an Energy Rater and would like to pursue this career path. When I look around the leaders in the energy rating/auditing industry, I see a mix of Civil and Mechanical engineers all with PE's. I am trying to find work under these PE certified engineers, and I would like to know if I were to work under a Mechanical PE would that adversely affect my chances at taking the Civil PE exam? I can not find anything on the Colorado
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    Not to my knowledge. Everything I have seen only says that you have to work with a PE in that field. If it's an ME or CE, as long as the work you all do is in structural, it shouldn't be an issue. It does depend on your state's particular licensing board though. The best bet is to go straight to the source and ask the question. I would be surprised if you had a problem though.
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    I believe you have to have letters of recommendation from PE's to go for the license, but you'd have to find out whether or not these have to be PE's in your field. Certainly it can't hurt to work for an ME, but if you need a letter from a CE, you might be better getting direct exposure to a CE with a PE.
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