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Peace lesson

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    http://www.bndestem.nl/regio/breda/5534280/Streep-door-onthulling-vredesduif.ece [Broken]

    The start of the peace week would have been added lustre to with the unveiling of a artistic sculpture of a *peace* pigeon. A high level event to attract attention to all aggression in the world and what to do against it. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to a dispute.

    It was agreed with the artist that the sculpture would have been placed on a 10 feet pole. However there were unmentioned second considerations later, which resulted in the construction of a much lower pedestal. The scuptor considered this an insult of his work and a breach of the agreement. The dispute was hot and accumulated in legal action and the judge ruled in favor of the artist. The sculpture will not be unveiled and the peace pigeon has been removed

    What an exemplary lesson about peace at the start of the peace week. Thoughts?
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    Yeah, When did pigeons become a symbol of peace? I thought that honor went to doves. I guess peace isn't cheap. A substitute that will return to its cage is preferrable.
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    There is no disctinction between pigeons and doves in many languages. For example in Polish they both translate to "gołąb".

    Edit: to quote wikipedia:

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    Yes let's make more unpeace about doves and pigeons. I think it should be pigeon, because of the alliteration: Peace Pigeon.
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    LOL! The artist was embarrassed about his pole being too short. :biggrin:

    Good thing they didn't unveil the sculpture...can you imagine his reaction had any of the park pigeons found his peace pigeon? :rofl: (I'd have been encouraging the pigeons to the sculpture by feeding them all week in that spot...:devil:).

    It's a pretty ugly looking pigeon anyway.
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    Well it should have been looking like this

    http://www.bndestem.nl/multimedia/archive/01175/BS_8436743_8436743_1175951h.jpg [Broken]

    http://www.bndestem.nl/regio/breda/5233969/Oorlogje-rond-Bredase-vredesduif.ece [Broken], of last month, it's all about the peace pigeon war, being in full progress then.
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    Well, peace is the sort of thing you want to get into a heated debate about. And, especially, to get upset enough about to pick up your pigeon and go home.
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    I've got to say that's one ugly whirligig, and it bears no resemblance to a dove pigeon, etc. If someone wanted to install that "art" in my town, I would suggest a location below ground, not 10' above.
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    It looks more like a penguin mated with a butterfly than a pigeon. Maybe it's for the best that the artist went home and took his pigeon with him. Spares the town another public eyesore. Who knows, maybe that WAS the point of putting it on a lower pole, when the people in charge realized the sculpture was really ugly.
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    :rofl: It really does!
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