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News Peace Message From India

  1. Jul 19, 2005 #1
    Like always , my ideas bump into my head when I am at bed at night :biggrin:

    I have heard about all sorts of religous-communal hate ...blah blah(I am good at social discussions, so bare me , science discussions invited..:))

    Take the example of INDIA or HINDUstan

    Hindustan/India was a land of Hinduism , like almost 99% of people living in India were Hindus , and now they are about 85% og the population

    So hear this:

    India(Hindu democratic country)

    Prime Minister : Dr.Manmohan Singh (A Sikh)
    President : Dr. Abdul Kalam ( A Muslim)

    Please excuse me if i someone felt that I myself was discriminating religions. But hey! isnt that fabulous, I find it one of the peculiar things about INDIA :wink:

    So what I meant was that Religions can easily co-exist . :approve:
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    If you delve further you will find that the religious hatred between the two nations is due actually to propaganda from each government, without which such hatred would be greatly minimalized.
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