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    hi everybody
    i'm Alyazan from syria , 2nd year general physics
    i'm running a seminar about researching methods and preseasurs
    i need your help about this issue
    about referrences sources about how to manage a research and such things
    i wonder if anybody have a power point show about this issue
    i'll be thankfull to you

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    If you are at all interested in the Anxiety issues regarding science and research, I can point you to one of my professors who specializes in that area of study. He might have something o say about the pressures involves with scientific research and study

    http://www.physics.luc.edu/people/faculty/jmallow [Broken]

    Look towards the bottom of the page
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    Dear mate
    I'm thankful for your responding, but I guess that you didn't get the idea…
    I'm about to make a seminar about researching preseasures or you can say steps to accomplish a successful research… the formation I had in my mind is like that :

    1- how to decide the subject, the topics and the other main bases of your research … regarding to researcher abilities (and how to judge or measure his abilities).
    2- How to get references and where to look for it, the talent of finding the suitable reference and what to take from it and what to leave.
    3- Web sites, searching engines and libraries that provide references such as books, articles, films and etc …
    4- How to use these sites and how to deal with the libraries and so on to get ideas and information as fast as possible
    5- How to organize the data you had collected from your references, and how to make path for your readings…
    6- Talents that make you read articles better and get benefit of it, and talents how to summarize an article or a chapter of a book
    7- How to get information from scientific TV programs and films
    8- How to analyse data and information…
    9- How to organize your ideas finally and prepare to show it
    10- How to make a successful summary of your research
    11- Talents of projecting your summary and deliver it easily to others through out (power point presentation, films, articles or whatever !)
    12- And if you presented your summary through a seminar or a lecture … how would you prepare it and what tools can you use to make it easier for you to deliver ideas to others

    I'd be very thankful if helped me
    And by the way I'd like to tell you about what made me think of such a subject … here in Syria the sciences are very old and teaching is really stupid, I wonder if the university teachers really thought about such a topic … here in Syria every body consider the final destiny of physician to be school teacher and no one think about physics student to be a researcher .. and I badly wanna change this idea

    I got really no information about that topic but I'm very insisted to fulfill this mission. And I wanna every body who know about this topic any useful data even a single image to help me

    Your brother Alyazan W. Albarghash
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    Chris Hillman

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    Hi, Alyazan,

    Is the basic problem that you feel that challenging university math/physics courses are currently rare in Syria? And you wish to figure out in your seminar how to fill the gap with self-study and discussion with other motivated students?

    Hmm... well, I'd say the first step is somehow to master enough to begin to start trying to read arxiv.org eprints. So maybe trying to find recommendations for key textbooks which are widely used in Europe and the U.S. and also are recommended as particularly clear. Then working problems and discussing the ones you can't do yourself. And discussing papers and trying to work with your colleagues to understand them as much as possible. Also trying to establish contact with any active researchers you can locate abroad who were born in Syria (who can probably offer good advice) and maybe the most active researchers in the best respected universities in your region (METU has produced some good physicists, for example).

    Hmm... good reading habits: definitely keep looseleaf notebooks (the kind with rings that you can put sheets of paper into or take them out), try to summarize key points as you read, and try to keep reorganizing your knowledge. Definitely keep a notebook of "random ideas" and date all your notes in say the upper left corner. Some books are provided with wide margins to you can write notes there, but I think I'd advise jotting possible corrections in a notebook.
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