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Peak Fluence of a Guassian Laser Beam

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    I am working on theoretical laser amplifier model for a pulsed input beam. However, my model is based on a top hat pump beam and laser beam profile, I want to update to a super gaussian and gaussian distribution respectively. The parameters I know are:

    beam radius w
    Pulse Energy E
    and therefore the Fluence of the seed beam if it is a top hot profile E/Area
    Pulse Width tp

    I know a gaussian beam takes the form f(r) = (-2*e^((r/w)^2))).

    My ultimate question is, for a guassian distribution, how do I calculate fluence E0 for the equation:

    E = E0*f(r)

    where E is the fluence (energy / area)?

    I feel this should be obvious, and I'm missing something very easy.
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