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Peak Oil

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    Hello everyone, as you may well know gas prices are high and will probably remain high for a little while.

    Yet, there is one thing people rarely talk about and that is that oil is a non renewable resource and there is only a finite amount left in the earth. In the long run gas prices will keep on going up as the rate of consumption begins to exceed the rate of production. The biggest problem is that western civilization runs on oil and if the rate of oil production cannot keep up with oil consumption we will be in trouble. What makes this such a pressing issue is that this might occur within our lifetimes, oil production might have already peaked around 2000 if not then within the next couple of years:

    http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/ [Broken]

    The website is a little extreme in its predictions but the analysis is quite thorough.

    The reason I posted this in physicsforums is because some of the most intelligent people on the internet visit and partake in discussions here, hopefully if we get enough minds thinking about this problem we can solve it within time.

    John G.
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    Peak Oil was last discussed here.
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    Yah i don't know where you get the idea that this hasn't been discussed up and down and left and right.
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